I did not know how to properly describe my emotions when I saw the man in the middle… I still do not… all I knew was I felt that he was just there doing nothing… but to me his quietness was bloody ‘loud’.

Thank you for the inspiration!


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  1. I am a poet and often wortk off visual stimulus. I was taken by your beautiful photo as well as you brief description of it. I have been experimenting lately with prose-poems and this seemed like a perfect subject. It will not bee posted on my site until at least September, but you will receive full credit and your address will be posted along with the piece and photo. >KB

    The Man in the Middle

    When you are the man in the middle you do not have to do anything. You are not at the beginning or at the end of things. You are on neither one side nor the other. You do not have to move for everything pivots around you. As inconspicuous as you are, you occupy a central role in whatever takes place. You see both sides of the question and though all on either side of you would wish you to join them you are under no obligation to decide the issue for anyone. You may simply blend into your surroundings and take the advantage of time to think; sometimes about nothing, sometimes about everything, sometimes about those on one side or those on the other. You are not coming or going. There is safety in such a position for you a what no one else is, the man in the middle and this makes you a central figure in life itself.

    Artwork by, Rubyの魔咒

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